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Mark Power Mastrotto Express Tannery. Arzignano. Veneto. Italy. July 2016. © Mark Power | Magnum Photos

The phrase Made in Italy, does so much more than refer to a product’s country of origin; it speaks of centuries-honed skills of craftsmen and women. But, although steeped in tradition, Italy’s leather tanneries are not averse to keeping up with contemporary environmental concerns, and the industry has recently renewed itself, adopting a sustainable economic model.

To mark this development, the industry commissioned The Perfect Tannery, a photographic project by Mark Power and Stuart Fraklin, who explore the industry in terms of their unique photographic perspectives: Power focusing in on the manufacturing side of the industry and Franklin considering the water involved in the process.

“Here the images always go through the eye of the photographer, through his personal creativity, his perception of places and people,” writes François Hébel, Art director of Foto / Industria Bologna and Mois de la photo du Grand Paris
Advisor to Universciences Paris.


Stuart Franklin © Stuart Franklin | Magnum Photos

The exhibition is on display at Atipografia, located in Arzignano, near Vicenza. The exhibition is accompanied by the eponymous book, published by Damiani.

October 15 – December 18, 2016
From Monday to Friday: 09:30 – 12:30
Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 – 12:30 | 16:00 – 19:00