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Past Exhibition

The Macallan Masters of Photography in London

A showcase of the work Magnum photographers created at the new distillery and visitor experience center on The Macallan Estate in Scotland opens in London

Martin Parr Macallan whiskey distillery. Scotland. GB. November 2015 © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos

The Macallan, producers of the world-renowned single malt, invited Magnum photographers to help create its next Masters of Photography edition, released to mark the completion of the remarkable new distillery and visitor experience on The Macallan Estate, above the River Spey, north-east Scotland.

Six Magnum photographers: Steve McCurry, Martin Parr, Paolo Pellegrin, Mark Power, Gueorgui Pinkhassov and Alec Soth travelled to Scotland numerous times to explore the project and drew on varied aspects of the build for their instalments of the series. From the packed lunches of construction workers, to building materials, casks, portraits of workers, and breathtaking landscapes – the scale of the undertaking, which will forever alter the landscape of the estate, is brought home in the photographs, as is the variety of inspirations and approaches of the photographers.

Mark Power Construction of the new Macallan distillery. Craigellachie. Moray. Scotland. GB. June 2017. © Mark Power | Magnum Photos
Gueorgui Pinkhassov The Macallan distillery. Scotland. GB. 2017. © Gueorgui Pinkhassov | Magnum Photos

The edition features a collectible set of six signed prints and an exclusive book of photography presented in a stunning archive style gift box. At the heart of the edition is a special limited release whisky, created by The Macallan Whisky Maker Sarah Burgess through a combination of eight casks, all differing in character to reflect the varied photographic approaches of each of the Magnum photographers.

This long-term partnership between The Macallan and Magnum Photos brings to the fore those behind the new distillery, celebrating the workers, architects, locals and craftsmen who make this iconic whisky.

Paolo Pellegrin 2015. Oak barrels containing maturing whisky. The Macallan Estate. Craigellachie. Moray. Scotland. GB. © Paolo Pellegrin | Magnum Photos
Steve McCurry Construction of the new Macallan distillery. Craigellachie. Moray. Scotland. GB. March 2017. © Steve McCurry | Magnum Photos
Alec Soth Construction of the new Macallan distillery. Moray. Craigellachie. Scotland. December 2017. © Alec Soth | Magnum Photos

Selected work from this project is on show at the Magnum Print Room in London until the end of the month in a free exhibition.

Location: The Print Room, Magnum Photos, 63 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS

Opening times: Weds to Fri, 11.00am to 4.30pm.