Sohrab Hura Video still from 'The Lost Head & The Bird': Single Channel Video, 10 minutes. India. 2017. © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos

Sohrab Hura’s immersive multi-platform video projection The Lost Head and the Bird has been selected to screen at the Image Forum Festival in Kyoto. The Magnum associate’s film has not previously been shown in Japan before, with the Experimenta director, Shy Heredia, hoping to provide an introduction to video works of avant-garde film directors of South India.

The Lost Head And The Bird presents as a hallucinatory and chaotic reading of India’s current socio-political climate. Rippling through the dark undercurrents of Indian society, where caste, sexual, religious and political violence threaten to break the surface.

The film will be screened at Aichi Arts Center, Nagoya, at 16: 30.

The Image Forum Festival is a video festival that provides a place to think about society including the future of art expression and the media environment through the latest expression of images. In this festival, aims to categorically capture “video” including movies usually taken at movie theaters, video arts exhibited at museums, or personal diary expressions.