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Sohrab Hura Looking for Jesus, Mississippi. USA. 2016. © Sohrab Hura | Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is pleased to announce that Sohrab Hura has been selected to exhibit work, alongside 47 Indian artists, at the upcoming Fotofest 2018 Biennial in Houston. 

Serving as a platform for emerging artists, focusing international attention on emerging and under-known regions, the 2018 Fotofest will be the first time that biennale has focused so directly on South Asia. Titled, INDIA: Contemporary Photographic and New Media Art, FotoFest 2018 speaks to a number of contemporary issues in India including gender and sexuality, land rights conflict, the environment, human settlement and migration, and caste and class divisions. The participating artists are from India and the global Indian diaspora.

“The artists, all of Indian origin, are imagining and responding to what India means today in its myriad complexities, given its ancient culture and more recent emancipation from British colonialism,” says Biennial Curator Sunil Gupta.