Sim Chi Yin Ou Qingfang, aka Zhou Tong, (b.1930, Perak) was a guard to Chin Peng, the MCP leader, when the Emergency broke in mid 1948. He later rose to a regional role himself, fighting in the jungles of sout (...)

Magnum nominee Sim Chi Yin’s photographic series One Day We’ll Understand (2018) will be showcased in a group show titled UnAuthorised Medium, at Framer Framed Gallery in Amsterdam.

In Sim Chi Yin’s family, the story of her paternal grandfather had always remained unspoken.  One of the tens of thousands of leftists deported to China by the  British during the anti-colonial insurgency in  Malaya  — known as the Malayan Emergency (1948–60) — her grandfather was eventually executed by the anti-Communist Kuomintang soldiers in 1949, shortly surrender to the Communists in the Chinese Civil War. In One Day We’ll Understand, the artist takes her family history as a point of departure, and largely hidden chapter of the Cold War in Southeast, in the areas known today as Malaysia and Singapore.

Sim Chi Yin Zhang Yuzhu (b. 1931, Thailand) joined the Malayan Communist guerilla army in 1967 in southern Thailand. In the 1970s (she does not remember the exact year), she was on patrol duty when she came un (...)

UnAuthorised Medium brings together artworks by internationally established and emerging artists, who have deep connections to Southeast Asia while also working extensively across the globe. The artists resist prescribing the frame of ‘Southeast Asia’ as homogenous, activating local histories, communities and knowledge that have been erasured and ruptured as a result of international and civil conflict, genocides, colonisation, ecological disasters, globalised development and international capitalism.