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Performative Reading and Conversation: Sim Chi Yin with Annie Jael Kwan

Sim Chi Yin and curator Annie Jael Kwan discuss their work at a free event in Brighton

Sim Chi Yin

Sim Chi Yin Ou Qingfang, aka Zhou Tong, (b.1930, Perak) was a guard to Chin Peng, the MCP leader, when the Emergency broke in mid 1948. He later rose to a regional role himself, fighting in the jungles of sout (...)

Performingborders and Foreign Actions Productions present an evening of performative reading and a conversation between Nobel Peace Prize photographer and artist Sim Chi Yin and curator Annie Jael Kwan from Something Human and Asia-Art-Activism, discussing how exile, loss, trauma, family memories, colonialism have shaped their work at the intersection between archive, photography and performance.

Performingborders | LIVE is a programme focusing on the exploration of personal, cultural and physical borders with UK-based artists and curators.

For Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts, curators Alessandra Cianetti and Xavier de Sousa invited two migrant arts practitioners to discuss how exile, loss, trauma, family memories, colonialism have shaped Sim Chi Yin’s work and her research at the intersection between the archive, photography, and performance.

Presented by performingborders and Foreign Actions Productions in collaboration with Live Art Development Agency (London, UK), Contact Theatre (Manchester, UK), Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (Brighton, UK), Artsadmin (London, UK), Deptford Lounge (London, UK), and Beyond the Wall/Más Allá del Mur Festival (Nogales, US/Mexico). Supported by the Arts Council England.

More information about the event, program and participants here.