Past Book Launch

Sergio Larrain’s Valparaíso: A Conversation in Paris

Foundation Henri Cartier-Bresson director Agnès Sire and publisher Xavier Barral discuss one of Sergio Larrain's greatest books

Sergio Larrain

Sergio Larrain Passage Bavestrello. Valaparaiso. Chile. 1952. © Sergio Larrain | Magnum Photos

Valparaiso is one of the most striking of the four books published by the photographer during his lifetime and this new edition faithfully reflects the layout Larrain imagined in 1993. The 2016 edition of Valparaiso presents, for the first time, more than 80 unpublished images taken between 1952 and 1992. Handwritten notes, letters and drawings included in this new version allow the publisher to share Larrain’s specific vision of the world.

To celebrate the new edition of Valparaiso by Sergio Larrain, Agnès Sire, the Director of the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation, and Xavier Barral, the Founder of Xavier Barral Editions, will present the genesis of this editorial adventure which began in 1991.