Raymond Depardon On the road to Leipzig. Saxony, Germany. 1990. © Raymond Depardon | Magnum Photos

From 13 September to 24 December 2017, the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson is exhibiting ‘Traverser’ by Raymond Depardon. This exhibition hinges on four main themes: La terre natale [homeland] in dialogue with Le voyage [journey] then La douleur [pain] and L’enfermement [confinement].

Raymond Depardon Ladies room in the office of the German GEO magazine. Park Avenue, Manhattan. New York city, USA. 1981. © Raymond Depardon | Magnum Photos
Raymond Depardon Psychiatric hospital. Collegno near Turin, Italy. 1980. © Raymond Depardon | Magnum Photos

Tackling the challenge of putting together an exhibition that encompasses the full breadth of Depardon’s work, curator Agnès Sire presents photography, from Depardon’s first hesitant steps at Le Garet Farm up until the present day, and incorporates writing and film as well as photography. It encompasses almost 60 years of work, spanning celebrity portraits, commissioned assignments and personal documentary projects, shown together for the first time.

The exhibition comprises around one hundred prints, texts, films and documents by the author. The book, co-published with Éditions Xavier Barral, covers a more extensive selection of images, as well as a long, hitherto unpublished, interview by Agnès Sire.

Raymond Depardon Marika Hotel (a former brothel). Beirut, Lebanon. 1991. © Raymond Depardon | Magnum Photos

In Conversation

The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson is hosting a series of conversations around photography led by Natacha Wolinsky.

Raymond Depardon détours/retours

With Raymond Depardon, photographer and film-maker, and Agnès Sire, director of the Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, as part of the “Traverser” exhibition.

Thursday October 5, 2017 from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.

Collectors’ dialogue

With agnès b. and Marin Karmitz

Thursday November 23, 2017 from 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.

Free admission with limited places, booking required: contact@henricartierbresson.org.

More information here: Fondation Cartier-Bresson