Philippe Halsman Silent film comedian Harold Lloyd.1953. © Philippe Halsman | Magnum Photos
Philippe Halsman Marilyn Monroe. New York City, USA. 1959. © Philippe Halsman | Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt Marilyn Monroe during the filming of The Seven Year Itch. USA. New York. 1954. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt Dog with woman. New York City, USA. 1946. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
Bruce Gilden Glamorous older woman. USA. New York City. 1997. © Bruce Gilden | Magnum Photos
Bruce Gilden Man smoking on street. New York City, USA. 1986. © Bruce Gilden | Magnum Photos
Martin Parr Autoportrait. The Matterhorn, Switzerland . 2012. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
Martin Parr Benidorm. Autoportrait. Martin Parr Collection. Spain. 1997. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
Paolo Pellegrin Vivienne Westwood. Paris. October, 2009. © Paolo Pellegrin | Magnum Photos
Paolo Pellegrin American actor Brad Pitt. Los Angeles, USA. 2009. © Paolo Pellegrin | Magnum Photos
Steve McCurry Shepherd. Jammu and Kashmir. Srinagar, India. 1996. © Steve McCurry | Magnum Photos
Steve McCurry Young girl with green headscarf. Peshawar, Pakistan. 2002. © Steve McCurry | Magnum Photos

Anonymous, quick, biometric. Everyone has at some time sat in one of these cubicles with its curtain and adjustable stool, coin slot, glaring flash and slit where the photos come out. In photo booths the person portrayed is both the protagonist and the object. The static, functional nature of this authorless photography is the exact opposite of the narrative documentary photography of Magnum Photos.

This exhibition presents two photo booths specially developed by Eye Trust and Magnum Photos, which will photograph visitors in the style of Elliott Erwitt, Martin Parr, Paolo Pellegrin, Philippe Halsman, Steve McCurry and Bruce Gilden. The machines simulate the individual visual language of the respective Magnum photographers, blurring the boundary between the artistic author and the model.

After each session, the visitors can take their original Magnum portrait away with them as a print or share it as a digital file online.