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Martin Parr Ascot. England. Great Britain. From 'Think of England.' 1999. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos

Taking place from 16 till 19 March 2019 in Birmingham, The Photography Show presents a talk with Magnum photographer Martin Parr, who is a keynote speaker in the Super Stage talks programme.

Martin Parr’s long-term fascination with the subjects of leisure, consumption and communication have sealed his status as a world-renowned photographer whose colorful images depict the times we live in today.

During this talk, he will discuss his career in photography, and more specifically his latest exhibition, Only Human, which opens at the National Portrait Gallery on March 7.

The solo show brings together some of Parr’s best known photographs with a number of works never exhibited before to focus on one of his most engaging subjects – people.

Tickets for his keynote speech can be purchased here. The talk will be followed by a book signing.

Please note that people interested in attending the talk will also need to purchase an entry pass to the Photography Show. More info here.

Where & When

The Photography Show
16th March, 3.30pm to 4.45pm
The Nec
North Ave, Marston Green
Birmingham B40 1NT


Martin Parr’s unmistakable eye for the quirks of ordinary life has made him a distinctive voice in visual culture for more than 30 years. Known for his use of garish colours and esoteric composition, he has studied cultural peculiarities around the world—from Japan to America, Europe, and his home country of Britain. The themes of leisure, consumption and communication have occupied him for much of his career, all of which are explored with a penetrating irony. As photographer, filmmaker and collector, Parr has defined a generation.

Recent projects include Beach Therapy (2019), the latest product of a long-running love of the beach- in which Parr looks at what is possible when working with a telephoto lens, Cuba Tourism (2017), in which Parr documents the growing tourism industry in Cuba and Remote Scottish Postboxes, Parr’s first major contribution to landscape photography.

Parr has published over 100 books of his own work and edited another 30. Parr is currently working on an exhibition for the National Portrait Gallery which opens in March 2019.