Patrick Zachmann 'The Walled City', a slum which serves as hiding place for illegal immigrants hired by the secret societies to smuggle drugs. Although it's located on Hong Kong territory, Hong Kong's police is not (...)

Looking For One’s Vision – A Magnum Masterclass in Hong Kong with Patrick Zachmann, in collaboration with Leica

This 3-day masterclass aims to help the participants develop their own unique personal vision and ability to tell a story visually.

Thinking about one’s subject, one’s approach and editing the pictures are as important as being on the field.

Over the course of three days, Patrick Zachmann will talk in-depth about photography, the choice of the subject, the “right” distance to find, the point of view, the composition, the ethic, how to approach the chosen subjects, the form to choose to serve the content, the editing process, storytelling and more.

Together with the participants, Patrick Zachmann will analyze the difficulties faced on the field, review how to solve them and understand how to combine the intention of the photographer with the final result.

During the masterclass, Patrick Zachmann will alternate between screen projections of his work (photographic series, web-docs or video movies) and with portfolio reviews of the participants’ works.