Nikos Economopoulos In a coffee shop named "the tavern of Ali". A Muslim gypsy holds up a chair without losing balance to prove his sobriety. Alexandroupolis, Greece. 1991. © Nikos Economopoulos | Magnum Photos

Exhibiting for the first time in South East Asia, Nikos Economopoulos’s early work, developed around the place that he calls home, goes on show in Singapore.

Laden with a dramatic sense of history, Greece and the Balkan Peninsula provide the volatile backdrop of his first visual trajectories. What Economopoulos’s traces, however, is the life lived on the margins of society, war and history. Despite and against all that, he depicts a sense of everyday life, simple life, life as it goes on. He sees it from inside, and then he turns it outwards, taking it along his own life-long photographic journey and using it as a compass.

Opening hours: 10 am – 8 pm