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Antoine d’ Agata Japan. 2004. © Antoine d’ Agata | Magnum Photos

Identified as an anthology of Antoine d’Agata’s most controversial works, the photographs in CODEX stand out for their overt, almost brutal depiction of a society overrun by a spiral of violence. In reviewing the violence of a culture through the degeneration and paroxysm of the flesh, the photographer attempts to reveal fragments of societies overlooked in habitual analyses and visualizations of the social body. He exposes himself, sharpening his awareness of the world that absorbs us and from which we feed, without the slightest precaution or judgment.

This exhibition is part of Miami Photo Fest, a yearly photography festival in a city known for its diverse artistic and cultural lifestyle. This festival is dedicated to the creative documentary practice alongside an exciting 5-day cultural and educational program that will feature an array of photography workshops, lecture panels, portfolio reviews, a photo-book fair, youth activities and scholarships.

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