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Martine Franck Tulku Khentrul Lordo Rabsel (12 years old) with his tutor Lhagyel in the Shechen Monastery. At age 5, Khentrul decided that it was time for him to enter the monastery. Bodnath, Nepal. 1996. © Martine Franck | Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is pleased to announce that The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson will open its new Le Marais space with a celebratory Martine Franck retrospective.

At the initiative of Fondation HCB, Martine Franck’s photographic work is finally being given a comprehensive review at the exhibition curated by Agnès Sire, co-founder and artistic director of the Foundation.

The large-scale exhibition will pay homage to the work of Franck, journeying through her most seminal photographic series: from activist gatherings to meditative landscapes, political engagement to friendly portraits. In each, her deeply human vision and resounding empathy is testament to her singularity, making for compelling viewing.

Martine Franck Town of Puri. Orissa, India. 1980. © Martine Franck | Magnum Photos
Martine Franck Tory Island. Donegal, Ireland. 1995. © Martine Franck | Magnum Photos
Martine Franck Pool designed by Alain Capeilleres in the town of Le Brusc. Provence, France. 1976. © Martine Franck | Magnum Photos
Martine Franck Painting by Paul Delvaux. Grand Palais, Paris, France. 1972. © Martine Franck | Magnum Photos
Martine Franck French writer Albert Cohen, after having received the Grand Prix de l'Academie Française for his book "Belle du Seigneur". Paris, France. 1968. © Martine Franck | Magnum Photos

Exhibition Information

Address: The Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson, 79 Rue des Archives, Paris

Dates: 6 November — 10 February 2019

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday, 11 a.m to 7 p.m

Admission: Full rate €9/Concessions€5