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Past Exhibition

Mark Power: Terre à l’Amende

A series by the British photographer created in Guernsey goes on show at the Channel Island's Photography Festival

Mark Power

Mark Power From 'Terre a l'Amende', commissioned by the Guernsey Photography Festival. The Channel Islands, Guernsey. February 2017. © Mark Power | Magnum Photos

“Known for its beach resorts and coastal cliffs, substantial tax perks and occupation by German forces during the Second World War, Guernsey markets itself as an idyllic holiday destination. However, if one looks carefully, it’s not difficult to see what might lie beneath. During countless long walks to and fro across the island, I’ve tried to create a contrary vision, one of an uneasy, unsettling place where all might not be as it seems…”

Mark Power

As part of Guernsey Photography Festival, Magnum Photographer Mark Power was asked to produce a series of images in the small Channel Island of Guernsey. Deciding to turn his lens on the raw nuances of daily life within the island, Mark offers each viewer an alternative perspective to those usually depicted of postcard-perfect holiday destinations. 

This exhibition is in collaboration with the Guernsey Photography Festival and Guernsey Museum.

For more information on the festival, click here.