Christopher Anderson Sunset on Kent Avenue and South 3rd in Williamsburg. Barricades line the Domino Sugar factory construction site. Brooklyn, New York City, USA. 2016. © Christopher Anderson | Magnum Photos

Led by a duo of Magnum photographers Alex Majoli and Christopher Anderson, this workshop offers a unique and intensive photography training experience in the Chinese city of Shenzhen.

Christopher Anderson Marion and Atlas in the shower. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 2009. © Christopher Anderson | Magnum Photos
Christopher Anderson A red dot on the glass of a bus stop. Sete, France. 2011. © Christopher Anderson | Magnum Photos

From October 9th to 13th, Alex Majoli and Christopher Anderson will lead their groups through daily programs of shooting, reviews, group critiques, mentoring, and editing sessions, providing the opportunity to learn and improve one’s photographic skills amongst peers.

Produced in collaboration with the Shenzhen Daken Art Center, this event is part of an annual program to be held in the city over the year, including exhibitions, lectures and talks.

Alex Majoli This annual festival, now remarkably been celebrated for over 600 years, is a celebration of the liberation of the city of Orleans by Joan of Arc during the 'Hundred Years War'. Orleans, France. 2017. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos

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