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Thomas Dworzak Havana, Cuba. 2015. © Thomas Dworzak | Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is delighted to announce its second collaboration with the Brussels Street Photography Festival with a new 5-day workshop from October 4 to 8, 2017 with Thomas Dworzak and Jérôme Sessini.

During five extraordinary days, they will lead their groups through a daily program of shooting, reviews, group critiques, mentoring and editing. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from their peers and to develop their own visual language.

These two workshops will work side by side and will share some experiences and time together, so participants will benefit from learning from both Magnum photographers. Participants will work with their lead tutors to create an edit to be shown in the culminating workshop projection, to take place on Sunday 8th at Hotel BLOOM! from 7:30pm.

The deadline for applications has been extended to September 24th. Apply here.

Thomas Dworzak Havana, Cuba. 2015. © Thomas Dworzak | Magnum Photos

In addition to the workshop, Thomas Dworzak and Jérôme Sessini will give a public talk on Saturday October 7th and Sunday October 8th as part of the BSPF.

Tickets can be purchased here

This program is organized by the Brussels Street Photography Festival.

Jérôme Sessini Heroin addict, Juarez downtown. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. December 2, 2011. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos
Jérôme Sessini Rationing Store. Cuba. 2008. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos

"I don’t like rigid categories. Sometime there is art in journalism and journalism in art. Conscience, heart, beauty, balance and loss of balance are essentials for me.

- Jérôme Sessini
Jérôme Sessini Orphans at Pilgrim Republic rehab center for children. Located on the Azov Sea, some 100 kilometers from the rebel-held provincial capital Donetsk, Mariupol is seen as a key element of a potential (...)