Nanna Heitmann A traditional horse race of the Tuvinese National Festival Naadym in the steppe, at 43 degrees. The horses and their riders cover a distance of 30 km. Seven horses died in the heat. Yenisei River. (...)
Thomas Hoepker Muhammad Ali, boxing world heavy weight champion showing off his right fist. Chicago, USA. 1966. © Thomas Hoepker | Magnum Photos
Thomas Dworzak Collection Thomas Dworzak Instagram artist scrap books. © Thomas Dworzak | Magnum Photos
Thomas Dworzak Collection Thomas Dworzak Instagram artist scrap books edition of 5 + 5 artist copies in every Magnum office. Spines of the two series 2013-2017. #1-#20. #10 missing ( it's 10_#ExactlyAYearAgoP???? (...)
Nanna Heitmann While waiting for the bus, Dolgar Dmitrievna’s daughter is sleeping on her lap in the summer heat. In the summer temperatures in the Republic of Tuva climb to 50 degrees plus. In winter it goes dow (...)

Magnum Photos is proud to partner with Fujifilm Germany on a day of special events on October 12 as part of Berlin Photo Week at Kraftwerk.

Berlin Photo Week is a celebration of photography, art and technology with events held around the city during October 11-13.

As part of the Berlin Photo Week Conference, Magnum Photos will offer the following lectures and panel discussions.

Berlin Photo Week Stage

1:00pm – 1:30pm Olivia Arthur, Borderlines presentation: Magnum photographer group project working on the Mexico/US Border
1:30pm – 2:00pm Thomas Dworzak, Instagram Books
2:00pm – 2:20pm Panel discussion with four generations of Magnum photographers: Olivia Arthur, Thomas Dworzak, Thomas Hoepker and Nanna Heitmann

You can find tickets and a full programme here.

This programme is made possible through the generous support of Fujifilm Germany.

Magnum will also be running a morning of free group portfolio reviews with Magnum photographers Olivia Arthur and Thomas Dworzak, and Magnum Global Education Director Shannon Ghannam. Find more information here.