Josef Koudelka Wenceslas Square evacuated twice, August 22 and 23. Invasion Prague 68. Czechoslovakia. 1968. © Josef Koudelka | Magnum Photos
Constantine Manos Daytona Beach. Florida, USA. 1997. © Constantine Manos | Magnum Photos
Guy Le Querrec Archie Shepp. Paris, France. 1983. © Guy Le Querrec | Magnum Photos
Thomas Hoepker Brooklyn, New York, USA. September 11, 2001. © Thomas Hoepker | Magnum Photos
Jérôme Sessini Rationing Store. Cuba. 2008. © Jérôme Sessini | Magnum Photos
Ian Berry Separated by the Wall, two brothers gather for Christmas. West Berlin, Germany. 1963. © Ian Berry | Magnum Photos

From the 28th of February 2017, Magnum photographs will be displayed throughout the corridors and hallways of 11 stations of the Parisian Metro, on the invitation of RATP (the Paris public transport operator). 174 images, featuring the work of each photographer, have been gathered in an unprecedented exhibition entitled The City in History(s), illustrating the RATP’s presence in the city.

Join us in celebrating Magnum’s 70th anniversary throughout 2017. Bookmark our anniversary hub to find seminal stories, new work, and discover what Magnum events are happening near you.