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Magnum Photos at Paris Photo 2018

A selection of vintage and contemporary works by Magnum photographers will be showcased at the international photography fair in Paris this year

Harry Gruyaert Le Crotoy. Baie de Somme, France. 1991. © Harry Gruyaert | Magnum Photos
Harry Gruyaert During the Ramadan. A normally very busy street deserted by citizens for the first meal of the day. Cairo, Egypt. 1987. © Harry Gruyaert | Magnum Photos
Rene Burri Ernesto GUEVARA (Che), Argentinian politician, Minister of industry (1961-1965) during an exclusive interview in his office. Ministry of Industry. Havana. © Rene Burri | Magnum Photos
Cristina de Middel From the series "Midnight at the Crossroads". (Collaboration with Bruno Morais.) Legba (Eshu) starting his journey to America from the beaches of Ouidah. Benin. 2016. © Cristina de Middel | Magnum Photos
Cristina de Middel From the series "Midnight at the Crossroads". (Collaboration with Bruno Morais.) The dynamic energy of Exu and his ambiguous character are described in various songs and legends. Exu uses many tric (...)
Harry Gruyaert "Bal du Rat mort" carnival at the casino. Annual event, on the beginning of the month of March. In aid of charity, this fancy dress ball is one of the most important and prestigious of Europe. Town (...)
Werner Bischof Rice field covered with lotus plants during the winter. Town of Tokyo, Japan. 1951. © Werner Bischof | Magnum Photos

For Paris Photo 2018, Magnum Photos presents a selection of early vintage material as well as cutting-edge contemporary work. The younger generation of Magnum photographers is pushing the boundaries of photographic language and exploring new forms of expression. Mikhael Subotzky’s photographic work combines the directness of the social documentary mode with a questioning of the nature of the photographic medium. Smashed Works show how Subotzky holds a particular tension with regards to the representational relationship between himself, the subject and the viewer. In Geography of Poverty, Matt Black has traveled over 100,000 miles across forty-six states documenting conditions in American communities. Cristina de Middel investigates photography’s ambiguous relationship to truth, playing with reconstructions and archetypes in order to build a more layered understanding of the subject she approaches.

A selection of vintage prints from the archives traces the history of the agency. Very rare prints by Abbas, René Burri, and Werner Bischof, among others, cover several geographies and historic moments. Their unique value is based on the fact that their back tells a new, parallel story to that of the front, thanks to a multitude of stamps and notes. An apparatus with double-sided frames allows viewers to see both sides of the print at the same time.

Exhibited Magnum photographers at Paris Photo this year also includes Peter van Agtmael, Jonas Bendiksen, Ernest Cole, Bruce Davidson, Raymond Depardon, Bruce Gilden, Harry Gruyaert, Susan Meiselas, and Newsha Tavakolian.

Thomas Dworzak will also be exhibiting a prototype of his “Feldpost” box with 1568 WW1 postcards.

Elsewhere During Paris Photo

Christopher Anderson’s Approximate Joy is showing at Danziger gallery’s stand, and he will be signing copies of the Approximate Joy book at Jeu de Paume on Saturday at 4pm. Anderson will also be signing exhibition catalogues from his current exhibition Bleu, Blanc, Rougue at Ravestijn Gallery, published by Hatje Cantz, at the Hatje Cantz stand on Friday at 4.30pm.

Elliott Erwitt Havana Club 7 Fellowship presents Diana Markosian’s Over the Rainbow at Paris Photo. Over the Rainbow is a project mixing portraiture and video in an imaginary world, accompanied by documentary images to unveil the many facets of the transformation of a Cuban girl into a woman. See it at Stand A23.

Richard Kalvar will be signing his new Photo Poche at the Actes Sud stand (S12) on Friday and Saturday, between 4 pm and 5 pm on both days. On Saturday, he will then race to Le Bal, where he has another book-signing at 5:30 pm.

Cristina de Middel is signing her new book Jungle Cheek, a collaboration with Kalev Erickson, published by Spanish publisher RM. Visitors to to RM stand at Paris Photo can pick up a copy and have their book signed on Friday at 6pm.

Susan Meiselas will be signing copies of her book Mediations at the Damiani booth on Friday at 1pm. Meiselas will also be signing In History at the stand of publisher Éditions Bessard / Les Yeux ouverts, booth SE20, at 5pm on Saturday, hosted by Anatole Desachy.

The new Inge Morath biography by Linda Gordon, Inge Morath: Magnum Legacy (published by Prestel and Magnum Foundation), launches at the new Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation in Paris. Join Magnum for the launch event with an evening of discussion on Friday at 6pm. More information here.