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Exile: Magnum x Canon at Visa Pour l’Image

In the spirit of humanitarian photography for which the agency has become known for, Magnum Photos continues to tell the global story of people on the move

Magnum Photographers

Chris Steele-Perkins Refugees In the desert. The Sha-alaan One camp is the worst camp. They have orderly food lines with thousands of refugees waiting calmly for food distribution from the Charitas charity organization (...)

"“Land makes people into what they are. Of that I am sure. If they lose it, they forfeit their solvency and a little bit of their souls, which they will spend the rest of their lives trying to regain.”

- Larry Towell, from his book ‘The World from my Front Porch’ (2008)
Robert Capa © International Center of Photography Arriving immigrants. Haifa. Israel. 1949, 1950. © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography | Magnum Photos
Leonard Freed Arab refugees cross into Jordan during the Six Day War. Jordan, 1967. © Leonard Freed | Magnum Photos
Stuart Franklin AFRICA. Sudan. Kassala. January 6th 1985. During the past few days 35,000 persons have left the Tigre province in North Ethiopia and crossed the boarder into Sudan to reach the Takalabab camp (ne (...)
John Vink South Sudanese displaced returning from the water chores. They have to share a well with North Sudanese villagers. Muhageria. Sudan. November 17, 1988. © John Vink | Magnum Photos

Towell, like many of his Magnum colleagues, has met and photographed people who have lost their home and their homeland all over the world. People who, for political or economic reasons, were forced to leave their country; into exile by war or natural disasters, and who possessed only the little they could carry. Some sought asylum in the West, others ended up in refugee camps or tried in vain to return to their own countries.

The exhibition Exile eschews any form of historical, chronological or geographical order. The aim is to visualize the sheer number of international conflicts which have occurred since the Second World War, and the resultant masses of exiles and refugees. Similar in their fate, the refugees progress towards an uncertain future, uprooted, homeless, transient.

In the spirit of humanitarian photography for which the agency has become known for, Magnum Photos continues to tell the global story of people on the move. In summer 2015 Magnum embarked on a collective process to document the recent refugee crisis in Europe, producing over twenty visual stories and counting, which highlight not just the situation as it unfolds in the Mediterranean but also the wider global story of migration in the Middle East, Africa, South America and China.

The work can be seen as a special editorial partnership with, as collaborations with the International Committee of the Red Cross and in autumn 2016 Magnum Photos will publish ‘Europa – An Illustrated Introduction to Europe for Migrants and Refugees’, a multilingual book which will provide newcomers with information on Europe’s recent immigration history, practical information for major destination countries and the testimonials of the diverse people who make Europe what it is today.

Jérôme Sessini A man is seeing running the street as warehouses are on fire. On January 12 2010, Haiti was hit by an earthquake of magnitude 7, which mainly struck the area around the capital city. It left an est (...)
Moises Saman Syrian refugees arrive inside Turkish territory under the cover of night after being smuggled from in from Syria. Along the Turkey-Syria border. March, 2012. © Moises Saman | Magnum Photos
Alex Majoli Kakuma, Kenya. 2002. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos
Alex Majoli Kenya. 2002. © Alex Majoli | Magnum Photos
Thomas Dworzak Ethnic Albanian refugees from the village of Vakshince. The village was shelled for several weeks by Macedonian security forces fighting Albanian NLA/ UCK rebells. During a break in the fighting th (...)
Nikos Economopoulos MSF camp for Somali refugees. Aden. Yemen. © Nikos Economopoulos | Magnum Photos
Paolo Pellegrin Lining up for a food registration operation run by World Food Program in Saraf Jidad. Darfur, Sudan. 2007. © Paolo Pellegrin | Magnum Photos
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