LINEA: The Border Project at The Bronx Documentary Center, NY

Carolyn Drake USA. Presidio, Texas. 2019. Alley off O Reilly Street.

(Collaboration with Andres Gonzalez.) © Carolyn Drake | Magnum Photos
Thomas Dworzak Mexico, near Ixmiquilpan, 2019/4. “Migrant Experience” reenacting of a night march of Mexican illegal migrants to the US, organized by Eco Parc Alberto holiday resort for a group of about 100 Mexic (...)
Cristina de Middel MEXICO. Tijuana. May, 2019. Migrants are given a number to wait in line in order to have their documents processed as asilum seekers. The Mexican authorities are in charge of filtering all the requ (...)
Rafal Milach Mexico, Baja California, Tijuana 05.2019 A set of tools found at the flea market by the Mexican - U.S. border wall. On February 23rd 2018, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Office published (...)
Mark Power USA. California. San Diego. San Ysidro. Jehovah’s witnesses targeting Mexican citizens heading back over the border. May 7th 2019. © Mark Power | Magnum Photos