Josef Koudelka Ephesus, Turkey. © Josef Koudelka | Magnum Photos

Between1991 and 2015,  Josef Koudelka completed an epic journey across twenty countries bordering the Mediterranean, stopping at over two hundred Greek and Roman archaeological sites — relentlessly researching the beauty of the ancient world.

Before the Magnum photographer, nobody had attempted to make such a comprehensive photographic record of these historical vestiges with so much persistence and so little assistance. His aim is to use art to re-appropriate a world that is escaping us and that we could lose – a world where the mind alternates between reason and faith, law and liberty; a world, “whose heaps of rubble and inexhaustible hopes we carry within us,” according to Jacques Berque. Transforming rubble into hope – that is what Koudelka achieves in his journey, the different stages of which are presented in this exhibition.

Vestiges is on display from July 1st to November 13 2018 at Jumièges Abbey, France, in collaboration with Magnum Photos.

Josef Koudelka Apamea, Syria. 2006. © Josef Koudelka | Magnum Photos