Past Exhibition

Koudelka’s “Gypsies” at the Image festival Amman

Providing a poignant insight into their nomadic lifestyle, Josef Koudelka documented the Gypsy communities he encountered on his travels

Josef Koudelka

Photographing between 1962 and 1971, Josef Koudelka was drawn to the nomadic lifestyle, rituals and customs of the Romany Gypsies he encountered whilst taking on a nomadic lifestyle of his own, travelling through his native Czechoslovakia and beyond to rural Romania, Hungary, France and Spain. Despite depicting the simplicity of Gypsy life, Koudelka does not present their situation as a social problem that should somehow be fixed. Instead, he shows the Gypsies as perpetual outsiders, and their lives as a primal mix of glee and wonder, sorrow and mystery.

Organized by Darat Al Tasweer.

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