Harry Gruyaert During the Ramadan. A normally very busy street deserted by citizens for the first meal of the day. Cairo, Egypt. 1987. © Harry Gruyaert | Magnum Photos
Susan Meiselas Returning Backstage. Essex Junction, Vermont, USA. 1973. © Susan Meiselas | Magnum Photos
Marc Riboud After bathing in the Ganges. Bénarès, Uttar Pradesh, India. 1956. © Marc Riboud | Magnum Photos
Jean Gaumy Veiled women practice shooting on the outskirts of the city. Tehran, Iran. 1986. © Jean Gaumy | Magnum Photos
Hiroshi Hamaya Uluru-Kata National Park. Northern Territory, Australia. © Hiroshi Hamaya | Magnum Photos
Hiroji Kubota Black Panthers protesting. Chicago, Illinois, USA. 1969. © Hiroji Kubota | Magnum Photos
Constantine Manos Aunt (who'd adopted the soldier) at the funeral of her nephew killed in Vietnam. South Carolina, USA. 1966. © Constantine Manos | Magnum Photos
Dennis Stock Ernest Miller nicknamed Kid Punch Miller trumpet player and singer returning home at 6 am. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. 1958. © Dennis Stock | Magnum Photos
Gilles Peress Demonstration in favor of the leading opposition figure Ayatollah Kazem Shariatmadari. Tabriz, Iran. 1980. © Gilles Peress | Magnum Photos
Raymond Depardon Bianchi psychiatric hospital. Naples, Italy. 1979. © Raymond Depardon | Magnum Photos
Burt Glinn Nikita Khrushchev in front of the Lincoln Memorial. Washington D.C., USA. 1959. © Burt Glinn | Magnum Photos
Magnum Collection The members of Magnum, in New York for their annual reunion, interviewed by Arlene Francis for the "Home Show" on NBC. Erich Hartmann, Inge Morath, Ernst Haas, Dennis Stock, Burt Glinn, Eve Arnold (...)
Magnum Collection Henri Cartier-Bresson. Beijing, China. 1948. © Magnum Collection | Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold Marilyn Monroe. Bement, Illinois, USA. 1955. © Eve Arnold | Magnum Photos
Robert Capa © International Center of Photography Leon Trotsky lecturing. Copenhagen, Denmark. November 27, 1932. © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography | Magnum Photos
Bruno Barbey More than three million people arrived from all over Egypt to attend the funeral of President Abdel Nasser at the Kubbeih Republican Palace. Egypt. 1970. © Bruno Barbey | Magnum Photos
Gilles Peress Death of Charles de Gaulle. Paris, France. 1970. © Gilles Peress | Magnum Photos
Henri Cartier-Bresson A young Belgian woman and former Gestapo informer, being identified as she tried to hide in the crowd at a transit camp located between the American and Soviet zones organised for refugees; politic (...)
Ian Berry Archbishop Desmond Tutu conducts a funeral service in a makeshift tent for a schoolgirl shot by the police. East Rand, Transvaal (Gauteng), South Africa. 1985. © Ian Berry | Magnum Photos
Gilles Peress Pope John Paul II at Battery Park during his U.S. visit. New York City, USA. 1979. © Gilles Peress | Magnum Photos
Rene Burri West Berliners making signs to friends and relatives on the other side of the Berlin wall. Berlin, Germany. © Rene Burri | Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold Senator Joseph McCarthy with assistants Roy Cohn and G. David Schine. Washington D.C., USA. © Eve Arnold | Magnum Photos
Robert Capa © International Center of Photography The arrival of thousands of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Turkey and Tunisia. Haïfa, Israel. May-June 1949. © Robert Capa © International Center of Photography | Magnum Photos
Magnum Collection A Magnum meeting in the Early sixties between Burt Glinn, Eve Arnold, Elliott Erwitt, Inge Morath, Ernst Haas, Erich Hartmann, Dennis Stock. New York City, USA.

(c) John Hillelson © Magnum Collection | Magnum Photos
Henri Cartier-Bresson The photographers David Seymour "Chim" (left) and Robert Capa (right). Paris, France. 1952. © Henri Cartier-Bresson | Magnum Photos
Magnum Collection War correspondents Robert Capa (left) and George Rodger (right). Naples, Italy. 1943. © Magnum Collection | Magnum Photos
Eve Arnold Marilyn Monroe during the filming of 'The Misfits'. USA. 1960.

(c)Eve Arnold for AP © Eve Arnold | Magnum Photos
Werner Bischof Werner Bischof photographed by Ernst Haas. Paris, France. 1950. © Werner Bischof | Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt Author Robert J. Donovan works with President John F. Kennedy on Donovan's book "PT 109." The 1961 book details the accounts of Kennedy and his crew on a World War II patrol boat that sank after a (...)
Magnum Collection From left to right: Robert Capa, Pierre Gassmann and Ernst Haas in Gassmann's photographic laboratory.

Photo D.R. Paris,France. 1950. © Magnum Collection | Magnum Photos
Bruno Barbey Students hurling projectiles against the police on the Boulevard Saint Germain, 6th arrondissement. Paris, France. May 6, 1968. © Bruno Barbey | Magnum Photos

‘In Our Time’ brings together a selection of prints to show the world as seen by Magnum photographers over a crucial period of the 20th century – documenting a range of human experience through both war and peace time. The exhibition is drawn from the Magnum Photos archive and demonstrates the continued resonance and relevance of the work of the legendary agency over the past 70 years.

21 September – 3 November, 2017

11am to 4.30pm Wednesday to Friday

Magnum Print Room, 63 Gee Street, London, EC1V 3RS

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