Past Exhibition

Jazz by Guy Le Querrec

Le Palais will host an exhibition of Guy Le Querrec’s photographs capturing the lives of Jazz musicians

Guy Le Querrec

Guy Le Querrec The American singer Nina Simone. Olympia Concert Hall. 9th arrondissement, Paris. France. Thursday, March 25, 1969. © Guy Le Querrec | Magnum Photos

“Jazz is above all a style of living, of letting chance guide one’s steps so as to catch a shooting star, a way of actively developing an imagination which always has room for improvisation and curiosity, which compels one to listen to others, to be open to them and to tell their story while bringing out one’s own poetry.” – Guy Le Querrec.

Magnum Photographer Guy Le Querrec’s photos plunge the viewer into the everyday lives of jazz musicians, into the private world of the people who have forged the genre down the years. Each image highlights the unique relationship between the photographer and the musician, the tenderness and complicity that unites them. The pictures also show the immense talent of an artist who, sometimes almost unnoticed, has been able to capture instants of life, including the inner life and the solitude of musicians, the times spent among friends and the excitement and the passion of concerts.

Guy Le Querrec At the film Studios, in a film set created by Alexandre TRAUNER, reproducing New York jazz club the "Birdland". Makeup touch up before the shooting of a scene : in the center Dexter GORDON (tenor s (...)
Guy Le Querrec The American jazz musician Charles Mingus (bass player), leaving Marseille-Marignane's airport, the day after the concert of the Charlie Mingus Quartet in Chateauvallon. The quartet includes the Am (...)