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Past Exhibition

Guy Le Querrec: Big Foot in Lyon

Guy Le Querrec join the Lakota horsemen in tracing the last steps of the Big Foot Tribe

Guy Le Querrec

Guy Le Querrec Thursday, December 20, 1990. 6th day of the journey. 15 mile distance; traveling from Lloyd Jentzen Ranch, situated 9 miles south of Lantry, to Cherry Creek, on the Cheyenne River reservation. © Guy Le Querrec | Magnum Photos

This Autumn, Galerie Le Bleu du Ciel will stage an exhibition of Guy Le Querrec’s Big Foot series.

In 1890, U.S cavalry troops slaughtered a peaceful camp of Minneconjou Sioux in South Dakota. Over 150 Lakota were killed – including Chief Big Foot –  in what would later be known as the Wounded Knee Massacre. A much-condemned act of cruelty and abuse, that would stir up controversy for the U.S government.

Guy Le Querrec 11th day of the journey. A 32 miles ride through the Badlands National Park. From Big Foot Pass (Haakou County) to Red Water Creek Pine Ridge reservation. Crossing of the Big Foot Pass. Tuesday 25 (...)

In 1986, Lakota horseman paid their respects to their fallen ancestors and tracked their last steps. Over five years, they bore the harsh Dakota winter and traced Big Foot’s path. Magnum photographer Guy le Querrec followed this heroic ride in the snowy Dakota mountains in 1990, on their last journey, a hundred years after the massacre.

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Guy Le Querrec Monday, December 24, 1990. 10th day of the journey. 36 mile distance; from the North Fork of the Bad River, Haakon county to Big Foot Pass. Along the route; nearing the arrival at Big Foot Pass. © Guy Le Querrec | Magnum Photos