Moises Saman A Qaddafi supporter holds a portrait of the Libyan leader during a celebration staged for a group of visiting foreign journalists after regime forces re-took the city from rebels. Zawiyah, Libiya. (...)

A new exhibition devised in celebration of Nikon’s 100th anniversary year, will present a selection of the most iconic photographs made with Nikon cameras over the last century.

“Leben 24/7 – 100 Jahre Nikon”, will showcase work from the most important photographers and photojournalists, and demonstrates how the camera itself became a legend.


Steve McCurry Fishermen along the southern coast of Sri Lanka cast their lines in the traditional way atop poles so they can work in shallow water without disturbing the fish." - George Eastman House. Weligama, (...)

Created in collaboration with the NRW-Düsseldorf and was curated by Damian Zimmermann, the exhibition explores the history and myth of the “Nikon” and its photographers. Visitors will be able to pick-up on several key themes, including documentation, pictorial icons, and conceptual series. The images selected reflect the diverse aspects of human life. It includes works by Magnum photographers: Steve McCurry, and Moises Saman.

In addition to the photographs, the exhibition also features more than 30 Nikon camera and lenses, tracing a trajectory from the dawn of camera development in the late 1940s to the current day. These include legendary cameras like the 1948 Nikon I, Nikon’s first camera; and the 1959 F250 Nikon F, Nikon’s first single-lens reflex camera with the F bayonet.