Ferdinando Scianna The young winner of the horses race at the San Giuseppe's festival. Bagheria, Sicily. Italy. © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos

Ferdinando Scianna‘s latest exhibition and publication, Cose, reveals his unique approach to documenting the world-at-large. The Magnum photographer doesn’t stop at taking images, rather he embodies many roles as an anthropologist, writer, and journalist.

The Santa Giulia Museum, Brescia, is holding an exhibition dedicated to the Italian photographer. Over eighty images of ‘impossible’ objects will be on display, alongside ten objects from Scianna’s personal trove. From the Polsi votive waxes to Bolivian Ekeki and Ocumichu earthenware, the exhibition hopes to give insight into the photographer’s practice, and his propensity to collect objects weighted with histories.

Things tell, they tell us, like photographs,” writes Scianna. Acting as a sort of private diary, Cose brings together many things that try to tell the meaning, the shape, the emotions, that the world offers, and evoke places and sensations far away in time and space.

Ferdinando Scianna Roman sculpture in the Louvre. Paris, France. 1986. © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos
Ferdinando Scianna Djibouti. Market. Republic Of Djibouti. 1975. © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos

Event Details

Join Ferdinando Scianna for a tour of the Ferdinando Scianna: Cose exhibition, where the photographer will talk through the situations and places, that have led to the collection of objects and images on display.

In the Auditorium of the Santa Giulia Museum,  Ferdinando Scianna will be joined in conversation by Roberto Koch of Contrasto Books, who edited the publication of the Cose volume.

Date: June 28
Time: 7.30 pm
Ticket: Free entry until all available seats are taken

Ferdinando Scianna Ex Voto in wax. Pilgrimage. Polsi,Itay. © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos
Ferdinando Scianna Ex Voto in wax. Pilgrimage. Polsi, Itay. © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos

Exhibition Information:

From June 16 to September 2

Tuesday to Sunday: 10.30 19.00

Thursday: 10.30 22.00

Ticket: 6 Euro

Ferdinando Scianna © Ferdinando Scianna | Magnum Photos