Raymond Depardon Tuaregs from Mali fleeing drought. Algeria. March 74. © Raymond Depardon | Magnum Photos

The exhibition Exil eschews any form of historical, chronological or geographical order. The aim is to visualize the sheer number of international conflicts which have occurred since the Second World War, and the resultant masses of exiles and refugees. Similar in their fate, interchangeable in their columns, the refugees’ progress towards an uncertain future, uprooted, homeless, unwanted.

Chris Steele-Perkins Refugees In the desert. The Sha-alaan One camp, is the worst camp. They have orderly food lines with thousands of refugees waiting calmly for food distribution from the 'CHARITAS' charity organisat (...)

Exil is a co-production between Magnum Photos, Paris and the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum. The exhibit will address the themes of journey, displacement, and exile.

Around 300 photographs from the Magnum Photos archives, ranging from the Spanish war to the recent Syrian conflict, will be presented in an original and interactive way on wooden blocks which can be moved by the visitors.

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Patrick Zachmann Friday 08 July 2011: A boat coming from Libya has been spotted and caught by the coast guards (Costiera Guardia) 35 miles away from Lampedusa. They escorted it untill the port, where coast-guards, (...)