Antoine d’ Agata From Aurillac ( Cantal ) to La-Guerche-sur-L’Aubois ( Cher ). France. 2019. Geometrie Du Vide. © Antoine d’ Agata | Magnum Photos

Amid the turmoil and uncertainty of Brexit, Stormont and the wider global climate crisis at the minute, Belfast Exposed has commissioned Antoine d’Agata to create an exhibition responding to the pulse of what is happening right now in contemporary Belfast. The French artist will take a residency in Belfast Exposed’s gallery for two weeks in October to produce a photographic exhibition based on ‘Eleven Voices’ of Belfast.

During the residency, d’Agata will meet with, and interview, eleven individuals from various parts of the city who will share their stories, experiences and their ‘Belfast’ with him, which the artist will use as the inspiration for a new body of work which will be exhibited at Belfast Exposed from the 7th November to the 21st of December.

D’Agata will focus on following the ring road of the city, from the city centre to the suburbs, documenting his experience and perspective of Belfast. Along the journey, he will collect audio recordings from the eleven participants, and use their voices to create a visual narrative which will form the exhibition. From 21st to 25th October (12-2pm), Antoine will invite groups, students and the general public to visit the gallery and discuss with him, and view, the work taking place.

Following on from the residency,d’Agata’s work will emerge as a photographic exhibition which will go on display at Belfast Exposed from the 7th of November to the 21st of December.