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Deutsche Börse Photography Prize Exhibition 2019

The 2019 Deutsche Börse Photography Foundation Prize Exhibition opens at The Photographers’ Gallery from 8 March until 2 June 2019

Susan Meiselas

Susan Meiselas At Sardaw, a former Iraqi military headquarters on the outskirts of Sulaimaniya, trench graves are dug up to reveal the remains of executed Iranian prisoners of war. A total of 18 Iranian soldiers (...)

Presented across the 4th and 5th floors of the The Photographers’ Gallery, the exhibition features a searing visual investigation by Laia Abril into the history of abortion and the challenges to women’s reproductive rights; a sensitive on-the-ground reportage and collaborative history of Kurdistan by Susan Meiselas; a consideration of the photographic evidence found in State Archives that proposes a new reading of the beginnings of the Red Army Faction (RAF) researched, collected and edited by Arwed Messmer and a timeless photographic exploration of how geological, historical and political events have left their imprints on the North American landscape by Mark Ruwedel.

The winner of the £30,000 prize will be announced during the exhibition run at an evening award ceremony held at the Gallery on16th May 2019.  

The DBPFP19 exhibition aims both to highlight and give platform to four very diverse artistic practices, which simultaneously display innovative, committed and engaged approaches to photography.  While each project uses the medium differently – from a focus on appropriated or collaboratively gathered material (Abril and Messmer) to social and environmental investigations (Meiselas and Ruwedel) – they are united by a high level of personal engagement using extensive research processes as a way of addressing urgent environmental, social and historical themes.

The Photographers’ Gallery will also present a rich programme of talks and events to accompany and illuminate the exhibition, including talks with all the shortlisted artists. For more details visit: