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Multimedia Storytelling Mentorship with Chien-Chi Chang

Applications are now open for a 6-month mentorship program with Chien-Chi Chang in Shenzhen

Chien-Chi Chang

Chien-Chi Chang Doubleness, exhibition installation at National Museum of Singapore, Singapore (9 October, 2008-4 January, 2009) © Chien-Chi Chang | Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos is pleased to announce its latest collaboration with the Daken Art Organization.

Applications are now open for a unique, long-term mentorship held in Shenzhen, China and online from March to September 2018. Designed for curious and innovative photographers to push their personal and professional boundaries, this intensive, creative educational experience offers expert project development support by celebrated Magnum photographer Chien-Chi Chang over a six month period. Chien-Chi Chang is a master of narrative photography and a contemporary artist working with moving images and sound art. He has published four photographic books, 16 videos, and three museum solo-show catalogs.

Personally speaking, I miss the good old days of film photography. But I believe we should all master new media as a method of creation. It’s a strong device that is relevant to how we are going to narrate a story better using the language of photography.” — Chien-Chi Chang

Since 2016, the Daken Art Organization, representing the Shenzhen International Urban Images Festival, has collaborated with Magnum Photos on a variety of projects, including the “Contact Sheets” exhibition, “Robert Capa Retrospective,” Asia’s first “Magnum Live Lab” residency, and a successful series of “Magnum Workshops” in China.

In 2018, Magnum and Daken are partnering once again to offer a unique multimedia creation camp, which covers visual storytelling in all forms. Open to a maximum of 10 participants, this workshop continues in the vein of Magnum’s celebrated history working across documentary, film and emerging digital platforms.

This multimedia creation camp will guide photographers through the age of new media and the creation of new work via a mentorship program.

Chien-Chi Chang Video still from Chien-Chi Chang's 'Burma-The Promise Betrayed'. © Chien-Chi Chang | Magnum Photos

How to Apply

Number of participants: Ten
Target participants: Photographers and creatives, with a good level of experience creating photography and/or film, who hope to explore multimedia creation comprehensively, including photography, film, sound design and the digital arts.
Language: The course will be taught in Chinese and English.
Tuition Fee: £3000/¥26800 per participant.

How to apply: Visit the Daken website and send the completed application form along with a selection of 15 images or one original video work to

Successful participants will be selected by Chien-Chi Chang.

The Course Program

March 22 – 25,  4-day Multimedia Storytelling Workshop in Shenzhen

· Introduction to Chien-Chi Chang’s career and work
· Introduction to Multimedia Storytelling
· Individual and Group Portfolio Review Sessions
· “What’s my story?” Project Development Workshop
· Production Workflow –Planning for the next 3 months
· Students return home to embark on their personal projects

Mid May
· Personal online review of progress with Chien-Chi

Late June
· Personal online review of progress with Chien-Chi

Mid August
· Personal online review of progress with Chien-Chi

September 15 – 19, 5-day Multimedia Production Workshop in Shenzhen

· Introduction to Multimedia Post Production
· Group Critiques and Editing Sessions with Chien-Chi Chang
· Production Lab with Assistant Editors
· Curation and production of exhibition
· Final Presentation and certificate ceremony

The final works will be published online by Daken Art Organization, Tencent and via the Magnum website. Works will be included in the Shenzhen International Urban Images Festival (IUIF) in September/October and tour to Hangzhou.

Supported by: China Resources Culture and Sports Development Co., Ltd. Strategic Cooperation, Tencent Photo, Guanhu Subdistrict Office Shangwei Art Village.



Chien-Chi Chang was born in Taiwan in 1961 and later immigrated to America. His works focus on the social alienation and connection of human relationships, for instance, “China Town,” “The Chain,” “I do, I do, I do,” “Double Happiness,” and “Jet Leg.”

In 1999, he won the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund for Humanistic Photography for the project “China Town,” which documented the plight of illegal immigrants in New York’s Chinatown; in 2001, “The Chain,” a collection of portraits made in a mental asylum in Taiwan, was shown at the Venice Biennale and the São Paulo Biennal the following year; in 2008, his mid-career survey titled “Doubleness,” was shown at the National Museum of Singapore.

He was awarded as the “Magazine Photographer of the Year” by NPPA, first place in the category of “Daily Life” by World Press Photo, and first place in “Best of Photography Book” by Pictures of the Year International.

In the age of new media, Chien-Chi Chang believes that photographers can adapt and gain a good command of multimedia creation. Sound and video art became central to his creative practice. His work has covered the business of selling brides in Vietnam, the lives of Chinese immigrants in New York’s Chinatown, Aung San Suu Kyi and the military dictatorship in Burma, and drug abuse in Tanzania; he has also made more personal works about his family. His multimedia works are narrated freely and speak of the world’s alienation and connection. In 2010, he won the Anthropographia Award for Human Rights for his work “Escape From North Korea,” documenting North Korean defectors.

Chien-Chi Chang Video still from Chien-Chi Chang's 'AZMA'. © Chien-Chi Chang | Magnum Photos
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