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Call & Response

Alice Austen House opens a new exhibition featuring six photographers experimenting with collaborative documentary work

Thomas Dworzak

Thomas Dworzak Syrian refugees at Austrian/German border, waiting to cross to Bavaria. The girl is still on the Austrian side. Wegscheid border post. Germany, Austria. November 2015. © Thomas Dworzak | Magnum Photos

At a time when the majority of new photography is viewed and shared through social media platforms, Call and Response examines how contemporary photographers are implementing more experimental collaborative processes into their documentary practice.

The subjects of their work are given a prominent voice or role in the artistic process to self-represent within the collaborations. The resulting photographs play with the power structures that exist within traditional documentary storytelling.

This exhibition brings together the work of six Magnum Foundation Awardees: Endia Beal, Thomas Dworzak, Daniel Castro Garcia, Eric Gyamfi, Omar Imam, and Kameelah Janan Rasheed.

Thomas Dworzak (German, b. 1972) spent years covering the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq as well as their impact on the US. Dworzak will present “Europa: An Illustrated Guide for Migrants and Refugees”, a collaborative and independent, non-profit book intended for practical use by migrants and refugees, and as an educational tool to inform, engage, and facilitate community exchange. Written in four languages, (Arabic, Farsi, English, and French) the book offers an introduction to the motivations behind the creation of the European Union, how it developed, its current ethos, and the relevant debates that will determine its future. In the spirit of a travel guide, the book also offers “Practical Information,” a chapter that highlights major destinations as well as providing basic information about political systems, geography, demographics, and traditions. It also includes a list of places that provide services to migrants and refugees.

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