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Burt Glinn Kerouac at Seven Arts Coffee Gallery with unidentified beatnik disconsolate beauty.New York City. USA. 1959. © Burt Glinn | Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos and the Beat Museum present a new exhibition of largely unseen images of the Beat Generation in New York City and San Francisco, taken by Magnum’s Burt Glinn between 1959 and 1960.

The exhibition chimes with the release of The Beat Scene, a new publication, that features black and white shots, as well as over 70 color images. These colour photographs were only discovered when R|A|P was working with Burt Glinn’s widow on a larger retrospective of Glinn’s work.

The exhibition offers the opportunity to see an array of famous faces, from Allen Ginsberg to Jack Kerouac, and poets like Gregory Corso and William Morris in candid moments, going about their daily lives between cafes, bars, and parties. The photographs are not only testament to Glinn’s singular ability to capture counterculture on film, but also provide a window into the lives of the legendary and influential Bohemians.

Burt Glinn Ray Bremser on the fire escape of Allen Ginsberg's apartment in the East Village. Bremser was a "Beatnik" poet and probably describes himself as an ex-convict. New York City. USA. 1959. © Burt Glinn | Magnum Photos
Burt Glinn William Morris reading poetry at the White Horse Tavern, seen through the window. New York City. USA. 1959. © Burt Glinn | Magnum Photos