Newsha Tavakolian "I joined YPJ about seven months ago, because I was looking for something meaningful in my life and my leader [Ocalan] showed me the way and my role in the society. We live in a world where women a (...)

Magnum Photos have launched a newspaper series, Magnum Chronicles, to provide a new vehicle for exploring key issues of modern times. On the occasion of the first issue, A Brief Visual History in the Time of ISIS, exploring the history and effects of the fall-out from ISIS and their actions over the recent past, we discuss what it means to photograph and report on terrorism in different contexts with Magnum photographers Peter van Agtmael, Newsha Tavakolian, Patrick Zachmann, and journalist and filmmaker Paul Moreira, moderated by Francesca Sears.

More information and tickets available from Le Bal here.

June 20, 8-9pm
Le Bal


A Brief Visual History in the Time of ISIS, supported by Newspaper Club, is curated by Magnum photographer, Peter van Agtmael and includes an essay and timeline by Peter Harling, an expert on the Middle East, formerly of the International Crisis Group, and founder of Synaps. The work of nineteen photographers is included in this first newspaper, and the images range from those taken in the final years of the French mandate in Syria in 1941 to the fall of Mosul in 2017.

Each Magnum Chronicles newspaper will be curated by a different Magnum photographer, showcasing the breadth and depth of Magnum’s archive, combining contemporary images with archival to offer a unique perspective and context on global social and political issues through to lighter subjects of general interest. The aim of Magnum Chronicles is to create a series of intelligent free democratic publications that inform, engage and entertain through the use of visual narratives. Each publication will also incorporate collaborations with experts and creatives across many disciplines and fields and will be in several languages.