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Bieke Depoorter Cairo, Egypt. 2011.(Translation of the written text below)- If this woman went to a demonstration to demand her rights, who is going to take care of these children? lt's dangerous for you to go (...)

As it may be is the outcome of a six year long process. Since the beginning of the revolution I travelled to Egypt regularly: trying to find trust in a country where mistrust predominates. Every night I asked people if I could spend the night in their home. Women, their husbands and children shared their daily life, their food and even their bed with me.

As I kept trying to connect, I gradually became more aware of my status as an outsider, both culturally and as a photographer. I still remained a visitor from the West, a woman, a photographer.

So earlier this year I went back to Egypt with a first draft of my book. The photographs themselves became meeting places. Written conversations sprout up between people who would otherwise never have come together.” Bieke Depoorter

Together with the opening of the exhibition, a book launch of As It May Be will take place on October 21st at 6pm.

Tickets can be purchased here.