Alex Webb Prostitute outside nightclub. The Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas Border. Mexico. 1978. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos
Alex Webb Mexicans arrested while trying to cross the border to United States. San Ysidro, California, USA. 1979 © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos
Alex Webb School prayers. Bombardopolis, Haiti. 1986. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos
Alex Webb Children playing in a playground. Havana, Cuba. 2000. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos
Alex Webb On board a ferry at dusk near the Princess Islands. Istanbul, Turkey. 2001. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos

The Suffering of Light exhibition by Alex Webb is taking place at Le Botanique in Brussels, Belgium, from June 22 to August 7, 2016.

“In the late 70s, I started taking colour photos in Haiti and Mexico, countries of tropical light, where the intense colour seems in some way to be rooted in the very culture; very different to the brownie-grey tones of my native New England. From the very start I was intrigued not only by the bright light and the flaring, often dominant colour but also the flutter of outdoor life in the tropics, life on verandas and the streets, and the incompleteness, the disharmony of the tropical world, where an autochthonous culture often receives unprompted changes from the culture of the north. After some time working in the Caribbean basin and Latin America, I also realized that I was interested in border territories, like for example between the USA and Mexico. In other words, those places where different cultures cohabit, sometimes peacefully and others hostilely.” – Alex Webb