Dennis Stock Venice Beach Rock Festival, California, USA. 1968. © Dennis Stock | Magnum Photos

In May 1968, Paris students took to the streets to protest against the conservative society and its moralizing ideals.

A group exhibition takes 1968 as the point of departure to zoom in on the turbulent sixties in which Russian tanks put an abrupt end to the Prague Spring, the Vietnam War raged, the Civil Rights Movement shook up the US, the Mexican students protested against their government for a greater democracy.

On this occasion, 31 pictures made by 12 Magnum photographers who witnessed the protests will be exhibited from 19 May to 30 August 2018, at the Alsace Moselle Memorial Museum in France.

Showcased at the exhibition will be photographic work produced by Bruno Barbey, Guy Le Querrec, Ian Berry, Thomas Hoepker, Eve Arnold, David Hurn, Abbas, Raymond Depardon, Dennis Stock, Constantine Manos, Hiroji Kubota, Burt Glinn.