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The Magnum Gift Guide

A curation of products from the Magnum Photos shop perfect for the photography lover

Magnum Photographers

Martin Parr Cecily Saunders Institute. Denmark Hill, London, England, GB. 2014. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos

The Magnum gift guide offers a curation of products from the Magnum Photos shop perfect for the photography lover. Whether you are in search of a collectable book or signed print as a special gift for the serious photography collector, or a small stocking filler for the photo enthusiast, the selection includes a range of prints, books, posters and Magnum stationary.

Photography Classics

Instantly recognisable icons from the Magnum archive

Elliott Erwitt Eiffel tower 100th anniversary. Paris. 1989. Signed silver gelatin print, 11x14". Additional sizes available. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos

Print: Eiffel tower 100th anniversary, by Elliott Erwitt, signed
Print: Omaha Beach during the D-Day landing, by Robert Capa, estate stamped
Print: Marilyn Monroe in the Nevada desert during filming of ‘The Misfits’, by Eve Arnold, estate stamped
Print: The Tank Man, by Stuart Franklin, signed
Premium poster: Charles, by Alec Soth
Premium poster: Altai Territory, by Jonas Bendiksen
Premium poster: The Var Department, by Henri-Cartier Bresson
Magnum Collection poster: Zebra Woman, by Werner Bischof
Magnum Collection poster: The Last Resort, by Martin Parr
Magnum Collection poster: Snowstorm, by Dennis Stock

More classic archival images are available as posters on the Magnum shop here, and selection of fine prints of iconic Magnum images is also available for purchase through the shop here.

Premium Poster: The Var department. Hyères, France. 1932. Henri Cartier-Bresson. © Henri Cartier-Bresson, Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation| Magnum Photos
Magnum Collection Poster: New York City. 2000. Elliott Erwitt. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos

The New Contemporaries

A collection of books, prints and posters showcasing new and contemporary work being made by Magnum photographers


Christopher Anderson Magnum Distribution: The Society in the Sky. New York City, USA. 2016. © Christopher Anderson | Magnum Photos
Raymond plays with Star Wars lightsabers with his sons. USA. 2007. Peter van Agtmael. © Peter van Agtmael / Magnum Photos
Martin Parr Parrworld. 2008. © Martin Parr | Magnum Photos
Magnum Distribution: The Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Jonas Bendiksen. © Jonas Bendiksen / Magnum Photos

Print: Rationing Store, by Jerome Sessini, limited edition and signed
Print: Raymond plays with Star Wars lightsabers with his sons, by Peter van Agtmael, limited edition and signed
Magnum Distribution: The Society in the Skyby Christopher Anderson, limited edition
Magnum Distribution: The Svalbard Global Seed Vaultby Jonas Bendiksen, limited edition
Book: I Am About To Call it a Dayby Bieke Depoorter, signed
Book: Parrworldby Martin Parr, signed
Book: Die Mauer ist weg! by Mark Power, signed
Book: Retinal Shiftby Mikhael Subotzky, signed
Magnum Collection poster: Cherries on crosswalkby Christopher Anderson
Magnum Collection poster: Englandby Bruce Gilden

For the whole range of posters featuring contemporary work by Magnum photographers click here. To see the limited ‘Magnum Distro’ prints featuring the work of Magnum photographers taken this year, click here.

Books of the Year

A curation of books by Magnum photographers published this year

Alex Webb La Calle: Photographs from Mexico. 2016. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos
Alex Webb La Calle: Photographs from Mexico. 2016. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos
Alex Webb La Calle: Photographs from Mexico. 2016. © Alex Webb | Magnum Photos

Discordia, by Moises Saman, signed
By The River of Kingsby Jacob Aue Sobol, signed
Libyan Sugarby Michael Christopher Brown, signed
La Calle: Photographs from Mexicoby Alex Webb, signed
Elliott Erwitt: Home Around the Worldsigned
Bruce Davidson: Surveysigned
Cuba La Lucha, by Carl De Keyzer, signed
Bruce Davidson: Magnum Legacysigned

The entire collection of Magnum photographers’ books currently available on the Magnum Photos store can be viewed here.

For Animal Lovers

A selection of iconic photographs and books by Magnum photographers perfect for the animal lover

Elliott Erwitt Felix, Gladys and Rover. New York, USA. 1974. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
Jean Gaumy Coney Island. New York City, USA. 1987. © Jean Gaumy | Magnum Photos
Chris Steele-Perkins County Durham, England. 2002. © Chris Steele-Perkins | Magnum Photos
Werner Bischof Penguins of Edinburgh Zoo. Scotland. 1950. © Werner Bischof | Magnum Photos

Print: A Llama in Times Squareby Inge Morath, estate stamped
Print: Stallion Remusby Werner Bischof, estate stamped
Book: Son of Bitchby Elliott Erwitt, signed
Premium poster: Felix, Gladys and Roverby Elliott Erwitt
Magnum Collection poster: New York Cityby Elliott Erwitt
Magnum Collection poster: Penguins of Edinburgh Zooby Werner Bischof
Magnum Collection poster: Coney Island, by Jean Gaumy
Magnum Collection poster: County Durhamby Chris Steele-Perkins

Need more inspiration for gifts? Browse a curation of prints focused on the environment and landscapes here.

Collectible and Limited Editions

Limited edition, rare and signed books, and collector’s prints and contact sheets, for a very special gift

David Alan Harvey Tell It Like It Is. Collector's Edition with Print. © David Alan Harvey | Magnum Photos
Elliott Erwitt Elliott Erwitt Snaps. Collector's Edition with Marilyn Monroe Print. © Elliott Erwitt | Magnum Photos
Marc Riboud Eiffel Tower Painter. Magnum Contact Sheets. Collector's Edition with Print. © Marc Riboud | Magnum Photos

Book: The Decisive Moment, by Henri Cartier-Bresson, inscribed first edition
Book: Elliott Erwitt Snaps (Collector’s Edition with Marilyn Monroe Print)limited edition, signed
Book: Magnum Magnum, by Magnum Photographers, 1st edition, signed by 32 Magnum Photographers
Book: Tell It Like It Is (Collector’s Edition with Print)by David Alan Harvey, limited edition, signed print
Book: The Frank Albumby Alec Soth, limited edition, signed
Magnum Contact Sheets: Eiffel Tower Painter (Collector’s Edition with Print)by Marc Riboud, limited edition
Book: Congo, by Alex Majoli and Paolo Pellegrinlimited edition, signed
Book: Personal Bestby Elliott Erwitt, 1st edition, signed
Magnum Distribution: Against the Wind, by Bruce Gilden, limited edition
Book: Wild Pigeonby Carolyn Drake, limited edition, signed

The whole collection of rare and limited edition photo books can be browsed on the Magnum Photos shop.

Stocking Stuffers

A selection of Magnum stationary, posters and books all under $50, perfect for stocking fillers and gifts on a budget

Magnum Photos: 100 Postcards
Magnum Photos: 3 Sketchbooks
Magnum Photos: Travel Journal

Magnum Collection poster: Sand Bay, by Martin Parr
Magnum Collection poster: A Llama in Times Squareby Inge Morath
Magnum Collection poster: Snowstormby Erich Hartmann
Book: Snaps, by Elliott Erwitt
Book: Life’s a Beachby Martin Parr, signed
Book: American Madeby Bruce Gilden, signed
Stationary: Magnum Photos – Posterbook
Stationary: Magnum Photos – 100 Postcards
Stationary: Magnum Photos – Street Photography Notecards
Stationary: Magnum/Thames and Hudson Stationary

Even more gifts for under $50 are available here and the whole of the Gift Guide can be viewed on the Magnum Photos shop here.