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Mar 31, 2015
by W. Eugene Smith
April 1st marks the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the two-month long, bloody Battle of Okinawa. It was the largest amphibious attack in the Pacific Theater and resulted in the deaths of at least 12,000 American troops, approx. 100,000 Japanese military and between 50,000 and 150,000 Okinawan civilians.

Click here to access W. Eugene Smith's images of the battle for licensing request and lightbox... More...
Mar 31, 2015
by Herbert List
Born into a merchant family in Germany in 1903, after completing his education, and with the rise of power of the Nazis, Herbert List left Germany in the 1930s. He embarked on extensive travels through Greece and Italy, stopping in London and Paris in a search for his language of form between New Objectivity and Surrealism. Immersed in the classical architecture of Athens and the surrealists’ paintings... More...
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Mar 25, 2015
by Michael Christopher Brown
In July of 2014, Magnum nominee Michael Christopher Brown accompanied Jane Goodall as she returned to her home in Gombe Stream National Park, Tanzania. At eighty years of age (and still with a busy schedule), Goodall tries to return to the Park, to where it all began, at least once a year.

This story was published in the March 13th edition of The New York Times Magazine.

Click here to access the... More...
Mar 24, 2015
by Christopher Anderson
Republican Senator from Texas, Ted Cruz, is the first major figure to announce that he's running for president in 2016. A staunch conservative, he objects to the Affordable Sales Act ("Obamacare"), same-sex marriage and identifies with the Tea Party Movement.

A number of other political figures are planning to throw their hat in the ring for the Republican ticket. Its expected that Hillary Rodham... More...
From the Archive
Mar 19, 2015
by Bruce Davidson
On March 22nd, 1965, 300 Civil Rights demonstrators began a march from Selma, Alabama to the state capitol of Montgomery to confront local institutions which obstructed African Americans from registering to vote. Three days later, their number had swelled to more than 25,000 as they gathered at the state capitol building to listen to a speech given by Martin Luther King, Jr. and deliver a petition... More...
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Mar 16, 2015
by Michael Christopher Brown
Michael Christopher Brown went to Cuba in December of last year, shortly after it was announced the United States and Cuba would restore ties for the first time in fifty years. These images, previously under embargo, were taken during the first half of a month-long trip to Cuba. You can see the results of his second trip here.
Michael will be returning to the island this week to continue the project.... More...
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