The Arctic Sea. Despite its geographical proximity to the North Pole, this most northern sea is full of both mystery and colour. Life-threatening sub-zero temperatures, permanent ice cover, glaringly bright summer nights and fiercely dark winters combine to create both magical moments and extreme dangers, these elemental forces pose the most adverse of conditions and impossible challenges of unfathomable dimensions. For the german magazine "mare", Gueorgui Pinkhassov travelled to these extreme latitudes eight times. Aboard a mail boat he cruised the Norwegian fjords, visited the Nenets people of Siberia, watched calving glaciers on the east coast of Greenland, and travelled to Canada's northernmost point. He went to see the Russian Arctic Fleet at Murmansk and accompanied a taxi driver at the European North Cape. Wherever he went, whether it was to visit Norwegian fishermen or Russian submarine soldiers, Pinkhassov always brought back an unexpected view of the Arctic Sea, in the kind of shimmering and radiant impressions of light which are the trademark of his works. A kaleidoscope of light, adventure, awe-inspiring nature and utterly unfamiliar facets of life!
"Nordmeer" has received the German prize: "Best photobook of the Year".

Format: hardcover
Pages: 136
Size: 30x26,5x2
Publisher : Mare (Hamburg, 2006).