David Alan Harvey presents (Based On A True Story), a new collection of work capturing the vibrancy and cultural energy of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Raw, sensual, fresh, real, passionate, sexy and two years in the making, Harvey’s photographs span the strata of society giving an insight into the lives of the rich, the glamorous, the poor, the humble and the everyday.

This is Harvey’s very personal journey into the novella, a mystery tale that is not about Rio, but set in Rio. A tale told in a completely new and innovative way, 3D. A book that lets the reader play, be part of it, remodel the story, interact with the characters present throughout the book. A script more than a book, an analogue interactive experience, to touch, feel, take apart, rebuild.. not only the book itself, but also the story. To be read from cover to cover and backwards, but not only, also cross wise, a puzzle. The viewer becomes an active part of it, is drawn into it.

Rio is one of Harvey’s favourite cities and this series melds documentary with myth. Despite years of research, it is a representation of just one night in Rio; a personal and semifictionalised account that expresses a feeling about the place rather than explaining it. Harvey’s intention is to make you ‘feel it, be it, live it’.