Between September 3 and 11, 2005, photographer Larry Towell, accompanied by Southern novelist Ace Atkins, traveled along the coast of Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi, documenting the dramatic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Towell's are not loud news pictures, but haunting and poetic landscapes, many of them panoramas as well as photographs that depict the lives of ordinary people amidst the devastation.

The scale of the communal tragedy wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the reckoning that followed it defined a critical moment in the America's history. Larry Towell's photographs, made over a few days in the remnants of the hurricane's aftermath, make no claim to neither be a comprehensive account of events nor attempt to offer analysis. Towell's haunting and poetic landscapes, many of them panoramas, simply depict the devastation, and the lives of some of the people hit by it. For his afterward, Ace Atkins revisits the scenes of Towell's photographs nine months on, reflecting on how the communities of the coast have been able to rebuild their lives.

"In the Wake of Katrina" is an intimate documentary record of the hurricane's impact and a tribute to human endurance.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 144
Size: 11 1/4 x 8 1/2"
Publisher: Chris Boot (London, 2006)