"After Islam and Christianity, I was wondering which religion I should photograph, fascinated as I was by religion lived as a cultural phenomenon rather than a faith.
My curiosity led me towards polytheism, cults that the 'People of the Book' treat at best with condescendence and at worst with spite, something that has always left me perplexed: How can a belief in a single god be morally superior to cults which worship many gods? Aren't Judaism, Christianity and Islam impregnated by animist rituals and beliefs?
One day in flight, in one of those thick reviews that are part of the modern traveler's fare, I saw a photo story on the voodoo cult which is flourishing not only in Africa and Latin America but also in New York.
In our world, deeply transformed by science and technology, why is there such a return to the irrational?"

Format: Softcover
Pages: 176
Size: 7 4/5 x 6 2/5"
Publisher: Delpire (Paris, 2005)