In the course of his forty years as a photographer, Philippe Halsman has done portraits of just about every outstanding personality in the art world and public figure of considerable stature. As we turn the pages of this book, which accompanied a retrospective at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC in 1998, we see that many of his portraits have become emblematic of their subjects; and we discover his fascination for surrealism in his famous photograph Dali Atomicus, and other extravagant pictures inspired by thirty years of collaboration and friendship with Salvador Dali. The pictures in his series known as “Jumpology”—which immortalize numerous important figures jumping in front of the camera, from Richard Nixon to the Duke and Duchess of Windsor—give a sense of the artist’s extravagant personality. The layout of this book also reflects the simultaneously innovative and humorous nature of Halsman and a good number of his photographs.

Publishers: Bulfinch Press (New York, 1998), Editions du Collectionneur (Paris, 1998)