In his book, Nikos Economopoulos brings his extraordinary vision of the people of the Balkan Peninsula, a fragmented environment shattered by ethnic, religious and territorial warfare. In spite of the hatreds that have endured for centuries, that people share a way of life and a history. Indeed, when the photographer first traveled through different Balkan countries, he realized how easily he could piece together a collective Balkan portrait based on such cultural commonalities that supersede historical differences. The photographs show how the people of the Balkans carry on with the business of living - with marriages and funerals, farming and street games - sharing an inextinguishable spirit despite the unmistakable air of volatility that surrounds them.

Format: Hardcover
Pages: 128
Size: 12 x 9 2/5"
Publisher: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. (New York, 1995)