Located one kilometer from the Saône River and 500 meters from the Paris-Lyon freeway, this farm belongs to Raymond Depardon’s parents. The house dates back to the sixteenth century. That’s where Raymond Depardon took his first photographs. That’s where he grew up. First prints, first emotions. La Ferme du Garet is not only an autobiographical book but it is also “a place that has many like it throughout France. Yesterday, it was the countryside, today it is the city’s periphery. And tomorrow ?” asks the photographer while contently mixing memory-filled black and white pictures with more recent color pictures, which allow him to assess the time that’s gone by.

Format: Softcover
Pages: 320
Size: 7 4/5 x 6 1/4"
Publishers: Editions Carré (Paris, 1995); Actes Sud (Arles, 1997+2003)