In a fascinating cross-cultural study, Patrick Zachmann worked for over ten years on this book. It is a document of Chinese culture, mainland and abroad, revealing the tremendous power and complex mystery which endures at the heart of it.

Zachmann travels to Europe, the United States, China, Tahiti, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Macao. Accompanying Zachmann's photographs is a narrative in which he describes in 48 pages his relationship with the elusive "W", a Chinese who is instrumental in helping him to understand the truth of each situation, interpreting, explaining, and guiding Zachmann, the "long nose", through his world.

The book, layed out by Gerard Paris-Clavel, is a thoroughly engaging and powerful document of an unbelievably resilient culture.

Format: Hardcover and softcover
Pages: 248
Size: 10 3/4 x 7 1/2"
Publisher: Editions Marval (Paris, 1995)