As can be seen in this book, Raymond Depardon is a photographer who is equally at ease on a few hectares of farmland as he is in a wide-open expanse or in a cosmopolitan city, no matter what their continent. His work is based in thought, in an effort to comprehend that suddenly brings us close to, almost makes us familiar with, the people and the landscapes that inhabit it. Prostitutes in Saigon, veiled men in the Sahara desert, passersby in New York, Cairo, or La Paz, young girls in Somalia or Afghanistan—all of these people are captured as if from within, with no aestheticizing effects, no anecdotes, and without self-indulgence.

Format: Softcover
Pages: 607
Size: 7 3/5 x 5 1/2"
Publisher: Hazan (Paris, 1998)